Our logistics services consist of several teams to ensure a good merchandise flow process and this from receipt to sending the order to the customer. Quality control as well as checking orders after collecting the goods is part of our daily operation, which we attach great importance to. Each order is carefully followed to ensure the delivery within the time allowed.


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How is your order processed with us?

  • 1. Order

    We will receive your order by mail, fax or by phone if it is an addition to an outstanding order. Our employee submits your order to our system and then forwards it to our warehouse.
  • 2. Collect

    The storekeeper receive the order form and carries out the collection of the goods according to the quantities and references mentioned on the documents.
  • 3. Control

    The employees who perform the checks have an extended knowledge of the products, they perform a check for each order that leaves our warehouse to prevent the risk of incorrect quantities and references.
  • 4. Packing

    Packaging our products is as important as checking. Our concern therefore is that the product is delivered in a good condition. We strive to protect the goods as much as possible from the risks of damage that may be linked to the transport.
  • 5. Shipping

    We insert all necessary informations of your packages in the system of the external transport service. This allows us to track the shipment in real time and so we ensure that your order is delivered on time.